DIRIL is not just a business platform; it is also a storyteller. Here, we

don’t just sell products; we also connect cultures. By maintaining our company’s

discipline, we remind ourselves that we are more than just an ordinary workplace;

we are a family. This family is filled with energy that is a blend of creativity and

nourished by sustainability. And why are we here? Of course, to create values that

touch nature and connect people!


Not Just Work, It’s an Experience of Connection

Some Interisting Facts

✓ Inter-cultural Connection: DIRIL carries a mission of connecting

cultures through its ability to trade in different countries around the world, notably

in Turkey, New Zealand, and the UK.

✓ Handmade and Antiques: The company specializes in offering unique and

special products, especially handmade and antique items, to its customers. Positive

discrimination in favor of women, we are making investments in women-led


✓ Focus on Sustainability: DIRIL emphasizes sustainability in its

business operations. The company not only focuses on trade but also aims to

minimize its environmental impact.

✓ Family Business: Our company stands out as a family business,

representing a community built on trust and solidarity, going beyond just being a

business platform.

✓ Cultural Diversity: Thanks to its ability to trade globally, the company

embraces cultural diversity, allowing it to offer products inspired by different


✓ Innovative Approach: DIRIL adopts an innovative approach in areas

such as business management, consultancy services, and marketing, providing

support to customers in strategic growth, financial excellence, and brand success.

Our Skills

As a team, we not only develop ideas and concepts but also take on their

execution. We believe in traditions and incorporate them into our innovations. The

customer is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to fulfill dreams and/or meet








Our Fantastic Team

Mila Slavko

CEO – Main Architect

Austin Evon

Co-manager associated

Mery Insi

Architect – Designer

Jon Twist

Architect – Designer

David Gray


Mery Spears

Designer – Photographer

Mila Slavko

CEO – Main Architect

Austin Evon

Co-manager associated

Mery Insi

Architect – Designer


DIRIL adopts an innovative approach in areas such as business

management, consultancy services, and marketing, providing clients with support in

strategic growth, financial excellence, and brand success.

Discover the Maritime Excellence: DIRIL.co.uk

DIRIL takes pride in introducing DIRIL.co.uk, an endeavor bridging the finest

Turkish craftsmanship with the shores of the United Kingdom. Witness the seamless

flow of high-quality products between Turkey and the UK, crafting a marketplace

that transcends borders.

In the heart of maritime support, DIRIL.co.uk extends professional assistance to

shipping companies and vessels navigating the English Channel or in the vicinity of

the United Kingdom. Impeccable service is provided for all crew change and related

demands coming from Turkish vessels.

With a dedicated team established in the UK, DIRIL.co.uk excels in tailoring

solutions to specific needs, solidifying the backbone of the structure created in the

United Kingdom. The strength behind this establishment is none other than DIRIL.

1. “Sailing Excellence, Crafting Connections.”

2. “Navigating Waters, Connecting Shores.”

3. “Seamless Maritime Solutions with DIRIL.”

4. “Where Turkish Craftsmanship Meets UK Excellence.”

5. “Empowering Seas, Empowering Journeys with DIRIL.co.uk.”

**DIRIL.LTD: Bridging Continents, Connecting Cultures**

DIRIL takes immense pride in its venture, DIRIL.LTD, operating proudly in New

Zealand. This project is a testament to the high-quality products crafted in Turkey

finding their way to the secure shores of the island nation, New Zealand.

Simultaneously, top-notch products from New Zealand make their mark in the

Turkish market. The primary objective of this initiative is to broaden the market

horizon between the two countries.

Beyond commerce, DIRIL.LTD creates an opportunity for Turks residing in

New Zealand to reconnect with their roots, fostering cultural ties and opening doors

to business prospects. With a professional team established in New Zealand,

DIRIL.LTD addresses specific needs with tailor-made solutions.

Moreover, providing opportunities related to Turkey to the Kiwi community is also

among the top social responsibility projects of DIRIL.LTD in New Zealand.

Behind the structural success created in New Zealand stands the driving force,


1. “Bridging Nations, Crafting Excellence: DIRIL.LTD”

2. “From Turkey to New Zealand, Quality Redefined by DIRIL.LTD!”

3. “DIRIL.LTD: Connecting Cultures, One Product at a Time!”

4. “Trade without Borders, Thanks to DIRIL.LTD!”

5. “DIRIL’s Global Impact: Unveiling Excellence in New Zealand with DIRIL.LTD!”

Diril TV is a YouTube channel that shines a light on talented and aspiring young

individuals, helping them achieve their dreams with fun and inspiring content. In our

own studio, we produce various programs with our professional team to bring

success to the youth.

If you’re wondering why Dirilgroup is investing in a YouTube channel, it’s because

we want to support young talents, provide them with opportunities, and offer a

platform for sharing their creativity. Diril TV is not just a content platform but also

reflects a family atmosphere that contributes to the growth of young talents.

Dirilgroup embarks on this exciting journey to discover and support the leaders of

the future. Follow Diril TV because here, you’re not just a viewer but a member of

our family! 🚀

“Retro.ist: Where Handmade Excellence Meets Cultural Heritage”

Retro.ist is a splendid e-commerce venture, showcasing the unique creations of

Turkish women entrepreneurs, village artisans, and visionary women. From

housewives to rural and entrepreneurial women across Turkey, this project is a part

of a mission to bring traditional craftsmanship into the modern world.

This initiative is more than just an e-commerce platform; it’s a movement for change.

Retro.ist is a unique project designed entirely for the development of women,

providing an opportunity for women creators to showcase their dedicated and

professional work on a global stage.

The site features a diverse range of handmade products, ranging from handwoven

rugs with centuries-old traditions to special items crafted from clay. Retro.ist doesn’t

just offer a shopping experience; it invites users on a cultural journey and allows

them to explore the stories of these women.

As DIRIL, we take pride in being the creators of Retro.ist. This project is one of the

most valuable pieces of our corporate structure, reflecting DIRIL’s vision of

supporting women entrepreneurship and fostering cross-cultural connections in the

best possible way.

1. “Discover the Most Beautiful Stories Crafted by Hand at Retro.ist!”

2. “Where Women’s Touch Meets Traditional Art in the Modern World!”

3. “Retro.ist: Unveiling Turkey’s Handmade Treasures to the World!”

4. “Traditional Turkish Handcraft, Delivered to Your Doorstep by Retro.ist!”

5. “Each Product Carries Thousands of Years of Heritage: Meet Retro.ist”

Empowering Global Trade: DIRIL.US

DIRIL steers the course to global trade dominance with the successful helm of

DIRIL.US, based in America. More than just a commerce platform, DIRIL.US

signifies leadership in ship trading worldwide.

As DIRIL.US sets a new trade breeze in the waters of America, it unites cultures by

bringing Turkey’s craftsmanship to the United States. Pioneering in ship trading

transactions conducted in America, DIRIL.US stands as a trustworthy destination for

high-volume commerce.

Join a broadening trade network worldwide with DIRIL.US. From Turkish

handicrafts to the American ship trading sector, DIRIL.US makes a difference.

1. “DIRIL.US: The Key to Transcendent Trade.”

2. “Empowered from Houston: DIRIL.US.”

3. “DIRIL.US Unites Cultures, Leads in Trade.”

4. “From Ships to Handicrafts: DIRIL.US Redefines Commerce.”

5. “DIRIL.US: High-Volume Trade, Cross-Cultural Connection.”

Elevating Logistics: Diril Shipping

Elevating Logistics: Diril Shipping

Embark on a journey of seamless and swift solutions with Diril Shipping, an avant-

garde venture under the wing of DIRIL. Specializing in large-scale transport

operations, Diril Shipping orchestrates transparent, rapid, and cost-effective cargo

movement from point A to B.

Innovatively tailoring optimal solutions for all stakeholders, Diril Shipping takes

charge of orchestrating the most economical and secure transportation of goods,

providing comprehensive operational services. Dynamic decision-making is

facilitated through swift project-based ship acquisitions and sales, ensuring

adaptability to changing market conditions.

With reliable proprietary capital and the consolidation of all risks at a singular point,

Diril Shipping crafts ingenious, hassle-free solutions for all parties involved.

Furthermore, leveraging its extensive network, the venture engages in angel

investments, welcoming new projects into the family.

1. “Diril Shipping: Where Logistics Meets Innovation.”

2. “Sail with Confidence: Diril Shipping Solutions.”

3. “Optimizing Cargo Moves: Diril Shipping Excellence.”

4. “Swift Decisions, Smooth Deliveries: Diril Shipping.”

5. “Diril Shipping: Redefining the Seas of Possibility.”

6. “From Project Logistics to Angel Investments: Diril Shipping Ventures Beyond.”

Our partners and Clients

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Human is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.

Where to Find us

At DIRIL, we connect with you both at our global offices and through online platforms. Explore our creative and sustainable solutions, discover our unique product range, or get in touch with us. Visit our website to find out where we are, and join our family to create value together!

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